Boruto episode 16, revealed the fact that Metal Lee is the son of Rock Lee.

So the question is, who is Rock Lee’s mother?

Many theories about Metal Lee’s mother have been circulating on the internet.

Starting from the truth he is an adopted child, to refer to certain things that are indeed similar to Metal Lee.

The average figure discussed by netizens is Tenten.

How come?

Consider the following review.

1. Metal Lee’s eyes are very similar to Tenten’s eyes

As we know that Rock Lee has round eyes.

While Metal Lee has sharper and narrower eyes.

Well, it turns out that Metal Lee’s eyes are very similar to Tenten’s eyes.

This could indicate that Tenten was indeed the mother of Metal Lee.

2.Metal Lee who is easily nervous is similar to Tenten








Metal Lee has a shy attitude and is easily nervous.

This is precisely very contrary to the nature of Rock Lee who likes to be outspoken.

It can be concluded that this one is inherited from the mother.

Well, the girl figure who has a shy and nervous character in the Naruto series is only two people, namely Hinata and Tenten.

3. Metal Lee can also use ninja weapons

This is the most corroborating fact that Tenten is his mother Metal Lee.

Tenten himself is an expert in ninja weapons such as shuriken, kunai, explosive paper, and so on.

Metal Lee was also very good at using kunai.

This is also contrary to the ability of the father who can only use taijutsu.

Even so, the 3 things above are only limited to theory.

Regarding who is the actual Metal Lee mother, we will see the proof in the upcoming Boruto series.

If you have another theory yourself or not?


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