RainyHour – Good night to all Animers friends. On this occasion I will give a number of school recommendations with romance ingredients that you must watch. Of course this recommendation is based on my own judgment.

But before starting it, I will tell you that you can give your opinion in the comments column below. Without wasting time, and here were 10 recommended anime romance school

1. Ao Haru Ride

This anime tells the story of Yoshioka Futaba, a girl whose middle school life is not very pleasant. Its feminine and shy nature makes a lot of guys fall in love with it … and that’s what makes girls exclude them because they feel jealous of him.

Though actually Futaba is antipathy towards guys. The only guy who is able to attract his attention is only Tanaka Kou. But unfortunately, during the summer vacation in his junior high school year, Kou had to change schools.

Since then, Futaba continues to harbor feelings of love without ever being able to express them. When he was in high school, he tried to change his personality. That is by being tomboying so that boys become ilfeel to him.

In this way he would no longer be ostracized by girls like what happened in his middle school. When he began to enjoy his high school life peacefully, he reunited with Kou.

But Kou is now 180 degrees compared to Kou whom he knew in middle school. Now both have changed. Can their love blossom again?

In my opinion, the characters in this anime have shown very good things. With the help of supporting characters to make the MC and Heroin give something extraordinary.

With the help of studio I.G, the graphic quality of this anime is very visible. The movement of its subtle and unseen character has become its own attraction.

Opening entitled “Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru” by CHiCO with HoneyWorks and Ending entitled “Blue” by Fujifabric. The song they listen to is so beautiful for you to hear.

2. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai

This anime tells the story of Hasegawa Kodaka, a transfer student who has difficulty finding friends in her new school due to her hair color and looks like a delinquent. One day, he met Yozora, a classmate who was a strange, solitary, and angry person who also had no friends, just like him.

They also decided that the best way to change the situation at hand (having no friends) is to form a Neighbors Club, a club designed for people who don’t have friends.

Anime itself has a very, very good story for you to listen to. By presenting enough conflict, emotions will bring you to the atmosphere of this anime. Apart from that, the groove they tried to give was quite stunning.

3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

The next recommendation is one of the popular Romcom series. With a story so thick about comedy, this series makes it very feasible to enter the current list.

Tells the story of Ayuzawa Misaki, the first woman who served as chairman of the school’s board of representatives in Seika High School, which was dominated by male students. At school, he applies strict rules.

Even though at school she looks like a actractive woman, actually she has one secret that she works in a cafe as a Maid.

One day the most popular student, Usui Takumi accidentally found out her secret and made a deal with her to keep a secret, instead Misaki had to become Usui’s personal servant.

You could say anime tried to play emotions from the audience. And I began to think that some of the dramas in the anime were only in addition. Because they only focus on comedy and romance.

However, the genre is very appropriate considering the theme they display is so good and very rarely can I see stories with happy ending. Because I always feel a little hurt when I see anime with the ending of SAD. In addition, the anime also presents an OST that is pretty good in my opinion.

4. Kimi ni Todoke

Kuronuma Sawako is often dubbed Sadako because of his resemblance to a ghost in the film The Ring. According to rumors circulating in the school, he can see ghosts and is believed to bring a curse.

However, even though his appearance sometimes looks creepy, he’s actually an innocent sweet girl. Sawako is a good girl who always tries to be friendly and tries to be useful to her friends, but because she can’t express it properly, it actually makes her friend misunderstand and stay away from her.

Nevertheless Sawako still tried to make friends and always be kind. He has the motto “One day one goodness”. When he started talking with Kazehaya Shouta, his life slowly changed.

Kazehaya is the most popular person in school. Kazehaya helps Sawako to be able to interact and talk with many people. Despite many problems and obstacles that afflict them, they are able to overcome them and slowly grow the love between the two.

This anime has a story that might be very easy for you to follow. Because the conflict they present is so light and quite interesting to watch in a free situation. Apart from that, some dramas from the anime are also okay in my personal opinion.

And the most important thing is that the OST they provide is so good for you to hear. They try to give melow music that might be suitable to be heard when relaxing.

5. Kokoro Connect

This anime tells of a club called the Cultural Research Club where members at this club experience strange phenomena that happen to them.

This phenomenon starts from the exchange of bodies, the lust that comes out suddenly and can not be controlled, the withdrawal of age of club members randomly at certain times and the phenomenon of reading the minds of fellow club members.

This anime presents a lot of interesting things that you deserve to see together. They present a story that is so good to listen to because the drama that is trying to show is so easy for all of you to understand.

Besides that, the visuals they provide are also very, very good. They succeeded in giving graphics that were able to make the eyes become spoiled and quite good to be seen. Besides that, some of the effects of this anime have been shown so well.

For matters of OST, this anime presents melow music and is suitable for you to hear. Because they might target young people to listen to music than they try to give. Of course the music from this anime was successfully adjusted to the theme they were trying to lift.

6. Nijiro Days

After being abandoned on Christmas day, Natsuki meets Anna, a beautiful girl who comforts her, and she falls in love. After realizing he had one school with him, Natsuki decided to leave after he and his friends – and Anna – had a lot of interference to do.

Nijiro Days is arguably a very stereotypical anime. The stories they unsung are not only centered on one character but many other characters that make this anime more interesting to watch. In addition, they also provide various other interesting comedies.

Can I make sure that you will be hooked when watching this one series because they try to present the impression of an amazing story. In fact, I always repeat to watch this one series.

But it is very unfortunate that the duration of the anime is only 15 minutes and is quite short. But Nijiro Days gets 24 episodes.

7. Orange

Next is Orange, a romantic Shoujo anime with the best school background that you should watch. Centered on Naho Takamiya on the first day of his second year of high school which began to be uncomfortable. After waking up late, he received a strange letter addressed to him.

However, the letter is from itself – the next 10 years! At first, Naho hesitated about the note. However, after witnessing several events that were described as occurring, he realized that the letter actually came from him who was 26 years old.

Details note that Naho’s future is filled with remorse, and he hopes that his younger self can correct the mistakes made in the past. The letter also warned him to keep an eye on new transfer students, Kakeru Naruse.

Naho must be very careful in making decisions that involve him, because Kakeru does not exist in the future. With the letter as a clue, Naho now has the power to protect Kakeru before he regrets it once more.

Okay I can conclude that this one series is so good for listening. Because the story they present is very, very fascinating and able to change your sensitivity about a meaning of love.

Besides that, their drama-filled plot also succeeded in hypnotizing me to continue watching this one series. In addition, they are also often able to provide something that I think is very good, namely, OST.

The OST they gave was very slow and was right in accordance with the theme they adopted. I can imagine that this one series is trying to attract the audience to feel a different atmosphere when watching it.

8. Oregairu

As a punishment for not being able to do the essay correctly, Hachiman was forced by Mrs. Hiratsuka to join the volunteer club. At the club he met Yukinoshita, the most popular girl in his school.

Initially, the anti-social Hachiman often fought with Yukinoshita who was always cold towards him. But over time the two began to understand each other and began to run the activities of the volunteer club together with Yuigahama who joined after having previously asked for help to teach baking.

Anime can be said to be one of my favorite anime to date. I even tried to follow LN from this anime because I was so curious. The story they performed successfully split the camp into several parts.

And of course they fight each other to find out who is the best waifu in this series. Besides that, the visuals they display seem so good. No wonder this anime is able to gain a lot of popularity.

In addition, the conflict that peacock displays will make the atmosphere hot and it becomes one of the exciting parts. I even once was one of the teams there who could be said to be just like it so I joined in.

I strongly advise you to watch this one series. Besides that, you also have to watch the second season of this anime because the ending will explain who might be the winner.

9. Oreshura

The next anime is one of the series which is quite popular among otaku. The story of the MC’s choice is very complicated, he is faced by the heroine who wants to be loved by him.

Tells a character named Eita who entered high school with the aim of continuing to the National Medical University. Because of the divorce of his parents, he avoided romance or romance.

One day, Masuzu, a beautiful silver-haired girl who had just returned from abroad began to enter her life in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, his childhood friend since elementary school, Chiwa did not want to let go without fighting.

An anime that could be considered to be one of the boomerang that made me add this series to my favorite. Because the conflict they present does not only involve the MC, but there are also several other characters involved.

In addition, the visuals they provide are also very, very fascinating. There were no defects at all. The lighting of this anime was also successfully built perfectly. I don’t see any errors at all from this anime.

10. RElife

It is incomplete if this one series is not included in this recommendation. The series is popular because the exciting storyline makes it mandatory to enter the kelist this time.

In addition, this series is also unique because it immediately releases its full episode in a week.

Tells the figure of Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old unemployed man who failed at every job interview.

However, his life began to change after he met with Yoake Ryou, a researcher from ReLife Research Institute.

Yoake offered him a drug that could change his body like when he was 17 years old and made it a trial subject for one year. Once again, Kaizaki began life as a teenager in high school.

This anime can be said to be one of the anime which until now is still one of my favorite anime. Because this anime is also able to give the impression of an extraordinary story when you first watched it. The conflict presented is also very, very minimal.

Some dramas were also successfully given so well and there were no errors at all. I also gave appreciation to the production studio because it was able to give such a beautiful visual impression when I watched it.

Don’t forget that the OST from this anime is just as stunning as anything else. Because they are able to provide songs that are in accordance with the theme they adopted in this anime. I also provide enough point + to this anime.


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