We give this recommendation because soon the Winter season will enter in January. So in the future we will present the following recommendations.

The purpose of this recommendation is as an option for those of you who don’t want to be confused about what anime should be anticipated in the future. So for a long time, let’s just start the recommendations.

1. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl Season 2

Hikari Tsutsui, a high school boy who likes 2D girls he often sees in anime and games. He doesn’t have many friends, and looks engrossed in his own world.

One day, when Tsutsui got the task of cleaning the pool, he was approached by Iroha, “3D girl” who was very popular among boys. The story of both began …

Overall the anime is so good for teenagers. By showing the love life of school children despite different hobbies. Of course this can be a moral for you.

But the shortcomings in this anime are so many conflicts. Of course that might not be liked by people who are more inclined to a simple storyline like mine. Because I actually prefer the storyline without conflict in the romance genre.

Nevertheless, people’s opinions are indeed different. But I highly recommend that you watch this series. Please leave a comment if you have another review.

2. Date A Live Season 3

Once a spatial earthquake destroyed the center of Eurasia which claimed the lives of no less than 150 million people. Thirty years later, Itsuka Shidou met a mysterious girl who had come from another dimension.

The girl is one of the “Spirits” that was the cause of the spatial earthquake 30 years ago. To prevent a major disaster from happening again, Shido must seal the power of Spirits by dating her and making her fall in love.

This anime tries to present a story that is so great. They even give us an idea of ​​how the story will continue from one episode to another. Of course it makes it easy for the audience to know how the story works.

Graphically, this anime gives an amazing impression. They present graphics that are so stunning with some amazing effects. Calculated I have never seen a mistake in every episode they display.

And the hallmarks of this anime are the very beautiful female characters. Even Tokisaki Kurumi became one of the most liked characters. Besides that, there are beautiful Tohka characters and Shinon, cute loli with a doll.

3. Domestic no Kanojo

Natsuo Fujii fell in love with his teacher, Hina. To forget his feelings, Natsuo followed a blind date with his classmates. There he met a strange girl named Rui Tachibana.

Rui asked Natsuo to go with him to do something. Surprisingly, it turns out that Natsuo was taken to Rui’s house and asked him to have sex with him.

There is no love behind it, Rui just wants to gain experience. Natsuo who wanted to forget his feelings with Hina, hesitantly agreed to Natsuo’s request.

After this unusual meeting, Natsuo is now facing a new problem. His father, who remarried, brought a new brother who was none other than Hina and Rui.

Natsuo now lives with the teacher he loves and his first girl. The love triangle that he must face brings him closer to the door of maturity.

This one anime will be predicted to get great attention by otaku in the world. Because the storyline that happened in the manga gives a lot of conflict in it.

Besides that, I also hope that the execution carried out by Diomedea can run well and not cut too many scenes from the manga. Of course I also hope that this anime will be popular with the manga.

This anime is one of the series that is highly anticipated by all of you.

4. Go Toubun no Hanayome

Fuutarou Uesagi, a poor and anti-social student. One day, when he came to someone’s house to give private lessons, he was surprised to find out that the person he was going to guide turned out to be his classmate.

They are five beautiful and mischievous twin girls. Futorou romantic comedy story with five twin girls began.

When this news was announced, I was very happy because this is my favorite manga that I still follow.

You could say this anime is one of the most anticipated anime by me next season. Why do I say that? It cannot be separated from the storyline that is full of conflict and makes this series so good.

Not only conflict, but you will also see stories of affection between twin brothers where they work together to do something. And I think this anime will give us the meaning of real life.

Apart from conflicts and various other things, each of the characters in this anime has very, very different characteristics. Of course that was the main attraction for the anime in the class of Gotoubun no Hanayome.

I hope that this anime can be executed properly by Tezuka Production. They have to sort out the scene that is suitable for inclusion in the anime so that it doesn’t appear that there is a cut of the scene from the anime.

As scheduled, the anime is scheduled to air on January 11, 2019. So you should look forward to this one series because I predict that this anime will become one of the popular anime later.

5. Kakegurui Season 2

The second season of the anime Kakegurui is based on a story at the Hyakkaou Private Academy, an institution that has a strange curriculum, namely the gambling curriculum. At the Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winner is like a king, while the losers will continue to be blackmailed.

However, when Jabami Yumeko began to be registered as a student at this academy, he showed other children how the life wheel rotates.

The success of season one from the anime made the MAPPA studio produce its second season which is likely to become one of the popular anime later. With a story full of drama and intrigue, this series is so anticipated.

Besides conflict, the impression of gambling from this anime is felt when watching it. There will be many tricks provided so that you can solve the purpose of the gambling goal. Here we will think that gambling is not too difficult if we are able to understand it.

So you have to anticipate this anime because I predict that this anime will compete with the four anime above to compete for the best anime title in Winter 2019.



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