RainyHour Come back for your sake to review the best romance anime recommendations this time. Anime with the romance genre is indeed one of the most sought after anime genres, maybe after the action genre.

Romance is often portrayed as colorful and generally tearing the emotions of the audience. Well, for those of you who like anime romance with exciting and interesting storylines, then it’s fitting that you visit here. Without further ado, let’s look at the best anime romance recommendations from Sakuranime below.

#28. Glasslip

Tooko Fukami, a beautiful 18-year-old girl child from a glass craftsman in Fukui. Apart from attending school, she is also skilled in glass crafts and helping her parents. Tooko then meets a transfer student named Kakeru Okikura who turns out to be the son of a well-known female pianist, Miwako Okikura. Too long alone, Kakeru became an introvert.

She said that she could see and hear Tooko in the future. Although many assume that Glasslip has a less than satisfying story. However, viewed from the romance given is quite interesting. The first time you watch, you will be dissolved by a drama that is seriously full of problems between characters, not to mention a convoluted love problem.

#27. Kokoro Connect

The next best romantic anime is Kokoro Connect. A club called the Cultural Research Club (Bunka Kenkyuu-bu) or Bunkenbu has 5 members of high school students with different personalities. Initially, they lived their club life normally, until one day an incident occurred where their souls were exchanged among fellow club members.

While looking for a way out of the step phenomenon, the five of them are entangled with love problems that make their normal lives and friendship ties disrupted.

#26. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.

Although more focused on the theme of friendship, the romance given by AnoHana is also very pronounced. The story is about 6 friends who are very familiar but their relationship has slowly stretched since one of their friends died, his name is Menma.

At the age of those who were teenagers, they now lived their lives. Yadomi Jinta has been able to see the spirit of Menma for a long time, even though at first he didn’t believe it, but slowly he could accept the reality. Menma’s wish that still hasn’t been achieved is to unite the 5 best friends back. Until that happens, Menma’s spirit will continue to live.

#24. ReLIFE

Tells about Kiazaki Arata, a 27-year-old man who is unemployed. One day, he met a man named Yoake Ryo, offering him to participate in the ReLIFE project in exchange for money. He was then given a pill that would turn him into a 17-year-old teenager and again, he would feel the beauty of high school.

#23. Sankarea

Tells the story of a young man named Chihiro Furuya who is really a fan of zombies, strange haha. But one day his cat named Babu was hit by a car and died, this made Furuya sad.

She believes she can revive her cat like a zombie. Every night he goes to an unused building to experiment with her cat. Well that’s where the first meeting with the beautiful girl Sankarea, blah-blah-blah and in the end the girl is dead, but turned on by Furuya to become a zombie. According to Me the story is unique and really recommended.

#22. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Unique and interesting. Tells the story of Nozaki-sensei, a famous mangaka who is cool but really has a picture hehe. He didn’t realize that he had loyal fans named Chiyo.

When Chiyo was about to express love, Nozaki misunderstood and regarded Chiyo as his fan. The romance comedy genre in this anime is really recommended. There are also other side characters that are hilarious to play.

#21. Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Mac Higatteiru

The anime is for singles hehe, because our MC is rough outside, but it’s soft inside. Tells the story of Hachiman Hikigaya, a young man who, according to him, is a young man like hell, hehe indeed if rejected by girls, the pain is here.

But there are still girls who are attracted to him at the volunteer club where he is incorporated in it. The second season of the anime has better graphics, but in my opinion, a lot of the Hachiman art in the first season. But well if you watch up to ep-5 it must be normal.

#20. Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo

Tells about the daily life of Sorata Kanda who was transferred to Sakorasou, a dormitory where there were female students who had problems or violated regulations. Unlike his assumption all this time, Sakurasou turned out to contain people who were very talented even though they looked strange.

One day, Sorata was asked to pick up Shina Mashiro, an innocent girl who was very good at painting. Now it’s complete, Sorata Kanda is surrounded by unique people and gives her motivation to move forward.

Cool storyline, perfect and romance drama that feels successful in making this one anime become an anime one of the best romance-themed anime. With a little comedy genre in it, this anime won’t make you bored.

#19. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Well, not a little anime romance that tells about the love story of two otaku people and in this anime, you can see it. This basic anime is also comedy, so don’t expect you can see drama that is too serious in this anime.

In terms of character is also quite interesting, the world discussed is not the world of shounen or school children, but the world of work in which all the characters are adults, but still trapped in the world of otaku: v.

The story is about a romance story between Narumi, an otaku girl who doesn’t want anyone to know that she is an otaku (Manga, cosplay, anime) with a handsome man named Hirotaka who doesn’t care about his surroundings and turns out he’s also an otaku (Game).

Initially they had known them for a long time, but when they met in the same office, they actually liked each other and here you will see how the two otaku people are dating. On the other hand, i also likes the presence of two of these couple friends who are also otaku, but like Tom and Jerry XD.

#18. Toradora!

Toradora! Also the anime romance comedy that has a good story. Tells the story of Takasu Ryuji, a student with a scary appearance but actually she is very good. Then she met with Aisaka Taiga, Loli who was pretty cute but had a fierce nature.

The story is arguably already mainstream, from hate to love, but it turns out it’s quite exciting to watch. This is because ordinary stories are arranged in such a way as to create a good and digestible storyline. Toradora is an anime romance, comedy, school, and a little drama that will make you smile yourself.

#17. Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

We comment in terms of romance first, indeed the anime seems really romantic, but the ends are themed friendship coupled with supernatural elements. The story is about a girl who lives alone and doesn’t have many friends.

Thinking about the future of his grandson, the girl’s grandmother made a tool that could go back in time and send the girl to a time when her grandmother was still her age.

There, she then slowly has friends and knows about the extent of the color this world has. In the ending itself was a little shocked, the problem at the beginning of the story was impressed “Wow, the ending is guessing here” but it was not that easy

#16. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

The story of the club photographer’s son who focuses on a young man who initially did not know about feelings of love began to realize that he fell in love when he met a beautiful white girl. This anime is full-romance that tells about the relationship of two people from different countries, different statuses, and those two things are the big walls of their relationship.

In addition to the romance story of our two main characters, Mimin is also interested in the side story love story because almost all the characters in this anime feel the name is LOVE. i also reviewed her articles in special articles, see!

#15. Nodame Cantabile

It’s fresh to see romance combined with musicals. Like picking a rose while face to face with a beautiful girl. This anime tells the story of a young man who aspires to become a famous conductor (orchestral leader) and a strange girl who has the talent to play the piano.

The two of them met and liked each other, but unfortunately their two dreams were the opposite. One wants to pursue a dream of being a pro and the other just enjoys playing the piano alone. This anime shows how this couple started a career in the music world based on feelings of love.

The presence of other parties who tried to interfere with the couple’s relationship was very happy, but there was no hard resistance, peace was beautiful 🙂 In essence, anime is really a drama, well sometimes there are comedies.

#14. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (After the Rain)

An anime full of romance and drama. So it’s perfect for those of you who like anime, the drama is very thick. In addition, the romance story is also unique. So the story is about a young 17-year-old high school girl who likes the manager at her place of work who is 45 years old. Hmm … interesting isn’t it? This anime also has a pretty strong story of friendship.

#13. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Well, here it is one of the anime romances with the most unique stories. Tells the story of a Princess from the remote Rain kingdom, the girl named Nike Remercier, a beautiful girl with a decisive attitude who goes to the Kingdom of the Sun to get engaged to the King.

After going through difficult days, Nike-hime then managed to meet with the King, who would have thought it turned out that the King was younger than him, the king named Livius Orvinus Ifrikia, Little King who controlled most of the world.

This story tells the story of the struggle of lovers of different ages who love each other. Also suitable for watching for those of you who feel Shotacon: v

#12. Ao Haru Ride

Yoshioka Futaba, changing her feminine appearance when she was in high school, his bitter experience when junior high school made a significant change for her. Futaba was very popular with men when she was in middle school, but that made her not have any female friends, even though she did not have the slightest interest in men.

However, there was one man who was able to attract his attention, the man named Tanaka Kou. But unfortunately, Kou had to move in the first year of his middle school. Tanaka Kou has now reappeared as Mabuchi Kou with a different personality during middle school and reunited with Futaba in his high school.

Ao Haru Ride is one of the most touching anime romance dramas. On the one hand it shows a story of romance between characters, but on the other hand shows the conflict that must be passed through Futaba, Kou, and other friends.

#11. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tells about Mizuno and Azumi who have been in the third grade of junior high school. This moment was the first time they were in the same class and knew each other.

Although their relationship continues to grow, on the other hand there are always problems that make their relationship disturbed. This anime has good romance and is able to penetrate the number 8 rating with an ending that makes everyone very satisfied.

#10. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

The main theme is comedy romance. Tells about two groups in a school whose leader has been fighting for a long time. But when in high school, they fell in love. But the status of the leader they hold makes them have to secretly date. Mimin likes the comedy story in this anime, very entertaining. Another reason that I like about this anime is because it’s a pretty girl character.

#9. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Tells the story of Shinohara Erika, an ordinary girl who is looking for friends in her new class in high school. Because she didn’t want to be exiled by her friends, Erika then lied about her experiences in dating.

One day he heard his friends started to not believe him, he thought that if he could get a photo of a guy and show his friend then everything was fine. On the way, Erika sees a super handsome guy and tells him then claims to be his girlfriend. Who would have thought that guy was Sata Kyouya, the prince at school.

#8. Akagami No Shirayuki-hime

Akagami No Shirayuki Hime gives an interesting and very dramatic story with a thick romance story. Tells the story of Shirayuki, a beautiful girl with beautiful red hair decided to leave her land Tambarun because she wanted to be a concubine by Prince Tambarun, Raj.

In the midst of his journey, he later met with Zen, a prince from a prosperous country. Again, I like the girl MC in this anime. He showed a strong and strong figure, but still women were destined to be weak. Well fortunately there is Prince Zen who always protects him. There are also other characters who like the MC girl, well, it leads to a reverse harem.

#7. Plastic Memories

Mizugaki Tsukasa, a young man who had just worked at the company fell in love with his co-worker named Isla, who turned out to be Giftia with only a few lives left (All Giftia has a limited age and their memories will be erased).

This anime one has similarities with Angel Beats, the ending anime makes you shed tears and the beginning of the story looks more full of comedy, but calm down, this anime ends with Happy End anyway.

#6. Lovely Complex

Another best anime romance wrapped in comedy, unfortunately the graphics are old school. If only in the future there is an anime remake, it will definitely be a heavy success. Tells about the love journey of the couple “Hanshin-Kyojin” (Name taunts because the MC is a short guy and a tall MC). Koizumi Risa with 172 cm height and Otani Atsushi, 156 cm.

It is not imagined that this pair of girls is taller than the guy, this is what makes this anime different from the others. Best Recommended Basics! ^. ^ Moreover, initially they had no feelings at all, only when they began to close did the seeds of love emerge.

#5. Golden Time

Spiced with comedy, this best romance anime has a truly luxurious, unpredictable, and very dramatic storyline. The one who was hate is now love, there are times when you will release it, there are times when you will chase it, that’s a little picture of this cool anime romance.

#4. Seishun Buta Yaro wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

The point is, this anime is different from most anime romance, which usually only tells the story of everyday romance, which is honest, mimin is tired of seeing it. But this anime managed to combine it with supernatural elements and it was very good.

#3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Tells the story of Misaki Ayusawa, an assertive girl who is also the chairman of the Seika High School Student Council. On the other hand, the most handsome man in his school, Takumi Usui always looks cool but has no interest in ordinary girls.

One day, Misaki, who worked as a Maid in one of the restaurants, was accidentally caught by Usui and finally revealed that the cruel student council president turned out to be a Maid, that’s where the two couples started the relationship.

Again, this romance anime is really worth watching. The story is quite interesting to watch and different from the others. Here, the girl’s main character is hard to conquer, well it’s a bit tomboyish but beautiful, there is the main character of a super cool guy interested in her.

#2. CLANNAD Series

Clannad is arguably the best anime romance combined with the slice of life ever. For those who have watched this anime, they certainly don’t doubt that statement. Tells about Tomoya, a student with a thug appearance changed dramatically after meeting a girl named Nagisa who has a weak physique.

Clannad has two seasons and if you watch it until season 2, get ready to feel the real life. In addition to sweeping the audience with touching stories from Tomoya and Nagisa, Clannad also includes educating anime, teaching us how to love someone and how to live a good life.

The ending was rather miserable after seeing the struggles of Tomoya and Nagisa starting from their meeting, dating, getting married, and having children, the ends were separated. But sure, this isn’t a bad ending.

#1. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Well, no one does not know this one anime. No doubt if you like the genre of romance or musical drama, it’s very mandatory to watch this one anime. Tells the story of Arima Kouse, a talented young pianist who has a trauma that has made an impression on the past, this makes him unable to hear the chant of his own piano play.

Covered in the dark of the past, Kaori Mizayono, a young violinist who showed light to Arima. This anime one really is the best anime romance ever. When watching, you will be swept away in the touching drama, especially when the last episodes. Suggestion before watching, always provide tissue near you.


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