rainyhour.com – Hi loli lovers wherever you are, this time I want to discuss one of the lollipops that was very popular when the anime was released last year. The name is Rem, from anime Re: Zero.

Rem is similar to her sister Ram, because they are indeed twins. But what Rainyhour will discuss this time is the younger sister, Rem.

Well, let’s get acquainted with Rem-chan ~!

Maid Loli

Rem herself was told as one of the Maids at the Roswaal Inn. As a Maid aka “Maid”, her work certainly serves the host such as brewing tea, ironing, washing, and so on.

It works the same as her sister, but Rem is very expert with home affairs, better than her own sister. It’s also unique, because it’s really rare to see twin characters in an anime that works as maids, especially loli. Rem is also very suitable to use Maid clothes, really.

Maid Fighter

Not only good at home business, it turns out that Rem-chan is also really great at fighting. She and her sister are indeed of the Devil’s origin, but the power of this rem is not limited in strength when it is small, so if she is angry you will die.

When her demonic power appears, Rem is sometimes out of control. But even without using too much demonic-power Rem was still strong enough to defeat the enemies of the lower classes.

She is an expert in water magic and also has healing magic. She can manipulate water and then form ice like shields, ice spears, and so on. The thing that i likes is the Rem’s weapon, a kind of iron ball with some big spines that are controlled using iron chains.

Blue Maid

Blue is indeed a characteristic of Rem. When she’s child, the clothes are actually blue, when they become new maids, they wear Maid uniforms in general. The first impression when I saw this Rem was indeed “Wow, it’s blue …” because of the color of Rem’s beatiful hair. Her eyes are also beautiful and innocent blue, unlike her sister whose eyes always seem to be angry.

Polite and humble Maid

We set aside Rem who likes to go berserk when fighting people she considers enemies because this Rem is actually a humble and polite woman. To her sister she was really kind and always humble even though her skills were better than her sister’s.ShHe is also good to people she knows and has been recognized by Rem. Anyway, good.

Loyalty Maid

Of the various types of Rem, this faithfulness is the most desirable. In the middle of the story she fell in love with the MC named Subaru. Because of her love, she was willing to die and it was not just words but she really died in the story to try to protect the Subaru.

Luckily, this Subaru has special powers that can return from the dead to the specified check points, so Rem can live again. But, a loyal girl who is said to be willing to die is normal. What is unusual is that he is clearly rejected but still wants to follow the guy.

This again proves that Rem’s loyalty is God level. In the anime, Subaru decided to still love Emilia rather than Rem and his feelings were immediately told to Rem. So sad when you see this scene T_T sorry for Rem, she refused, the Subaru is blind! > 🙁

Now that’s a little discussion of our loli on this occasion in the night loli. Maybe some info isn’t useful, but just enjoy it. That’s all for today and I’ll see you on the next Saturday’s loli discussion, bye-bye Minna-san ~!


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