In this article Rainy will discuss the new chapter 35 of the new manga, this time we can see a new chapter that is pretty cool and there are new instructions on who Jigen really is, curious just this is 4 interesting things from the new boruto manga chapter 35.

Kawai Inspired Naruto Story

Rainy had theorized, if later Naruto was defeated by Kawaki not because Kawaki was stronger than Naruo, but because Naruto deliberately relented from Kawaki

After in the previous chapter Naruto considered Kawaki as his own child. in this chapter kawaki’s turn to get emotional impact from Naruto of course because kawaki met Kurama after being mixed with Naruto chakra a little, he got a story about Naruto being a lonely child in his childhood and always bullied by his friends, Naruto tried hard to learn kage-bunhin no jutsu so that there is a friend that can be talked to but in reality it doesn’t work.

But Naruto must be optimistic to get his friends, whose hearts are filled with friendships which he himself does. From this inspirational story, Kawaki cries and really wants to be a figure like Naruto, so that he must learn from chakra and ninjutsu even guided directly Naruto and it seems that the male learns fast, with this kind of man who previously fought with his modified karma and body, he has an additional way of fighting with ninjutsu, it is not wrong that he is very strong because he is a direct student of Naruto.

Byakugo no Jutsu

The chakater also discusses the byakugo no jutsu after sarada asks if the mark on Sakura’s forehead is also karma because it is a similar sign but Naruto says that byakugo no jutsu is just ordinary ninjutsu, where the sign keeps the user’s chakra little by little and when needed this sign forms a seal and gives tremendous strength.

Although Naruto said differently but he did not know whether byakugo and karma were related and this is where Mitsuki explained that his father also researched this byakugo ninjutsu, and the temporary conclusion of Orochimaru that

Byakugou has a long mystery that hasn’t been revealed yet



Otsutsuki logo and hologram


from the flashdisk data that was previously brought by Konohamaru the Anbu found that the sign leads somewhere but the place is so far away that it can only be reached by jutsu space and time here Sasuke who controls the jutsu goes directly to the intended place.

and this is where Sasuke found the surprising things, Sasuke found some otsutsuki clan logos in a monument where the logo was partially damaged and Sasuke was very surprised when he touched the logos the otsutsuki hologram appeared where one hologram shows the kinshiki body and in the same monument when set out out of the hologram momoshiki this is where Sasuke draws the conclusion that each monument with 2 otsutsuki logos is assigned in pairs.

Sasuke was very surprised when he touched the other logo where one other logo showed the otsutsuki kaguya figure and of course at the same monument was the figure who became the kaguya partner carrying out his duties, and when Sasuke touched the logo the otsutsuki appeared

Bijuu and Jigen

Not only the logo, Sasuke found a more shocking one where there was a caged monster and surprisingly the monster was 10 tail aka juubi

Even the juubi has a rinnegan, has not had time to investigate longer, Sasuke arrives a person who uses the dimensions of space and time and he is jigen.

Jigen immediately absorbed the body and he turned into a holographic figure in the Kaguya partner.


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