In this article rainy will discuss the new manga BNHA Chapter 232, After the previous chapter Twice managed to break into the leadership tower of liberation, this is where Twice faced directly with Re Destro.

Here are 3 interesting things in Chapter BNHA 232

Twice Can Cloning Himself

The original Twice is able to double itself at one time

Re Destro Power

Twice proved to be very strong from all Villain Twice who was the first person who was able to reach Re Destro’s tower but in front of Re Destro’s power was nothing, Yup Re Destro had the ability to manipulate part of his body.

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Re Destro Past

Re Destro Past

So what is Re Destro’s background for doing his actions and what they want to release from this world, this answer is Quirk.

It was told that there was a mother who gave birth to a baby with a Quirk, but in those days Quirk was a taboo that humiliated many people as a result of which the mother died because of being challenged by people who were anti against special abilities aka Quirk,

This is where the child who lost his mother tried to fight for the freedom of the person who was given the Quirk to be able to freely use their power, and he dubbed himself as Destro,
Initially it was successful, but over time with the emergence of many criminals, the government again made rules about the use of Quirk, which meant that people who had Quirk were snatched back to their senses.


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