Rainyhour.com – In episode 112, Shikadai Nara was surprisingly chosen to be chunin, surpassing Sarada Uchiha.

After seeing the episode in episode 112, there is no doubt that in episode 113 Shikadai’s ability will be quietly tested.

Here’s a preview of Boruto episode 113 from the magazine version!

Summary : “He was challenged with a mission to lead a unique or individualistic team member!

Boruto, Iwabe, and Wasabi were gathered into a team of four with Shikadai as commander. The mission given to them is to pull out rare flowers and bring them back.

Although this was a simple mission between friends, they began to fuss over childish problems. Shikadai faced problems without stopping because of them.

Besides that, there is information about the bad guys who are eyeing the flower! Can they finish the mission smoothly ?! ”

Moegi This Weekend : “Give advice to Shikadai!

Moegi advises his favorite students when he faces the challenge of being a commander for the first time. Although he said, ‘For you, this does not mean there are four people there’ What is the true meaning that Moegi wants to say to Shikadai? ”

Well, this is really Shikadai being worked on.

Of the three people appointed to his team, none of them were part of Ino-Shika-Cho.

In addition, of the three, only one person was familiar with him: Boruto. Boruto was classified as individualistic and unruly, even by Sarada who was the leader of the true team of Boruto.

Iwabe and Wasabi were indeed classmates, but Shikadai was rarely shown interacting with the two people. Iwabe himself had a behavior problem that made him stay in class at the Academy.

Shikadai seems to be being tested, it is not appropriate for him to be promoted to chunin in episode 112. In an emergency situation, he might be asked to be a commander of all Konoha, not just his team.

Can he unite Konoha shinobi in such a situation?

Preview Boruto episode 113 is the test.

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