Welcome back to the preview of One Piece, this time it has entered One Piece episode 891, it doesn’t feel right.

In the previous episode the focus was on Marco and Nekomamushi.

The two met on the island of birth and Whitebeard’s legacy, here Marco protected and helped this island which had long been abandoned by the government but could live on Whitebeard’s money.

Nekomamushi immediately asked Marco for help to help his alliance at Wano.

Although shocked that Luffy was desperate to fight Kaido, Marco couldn’t help because Weevil might target him and he had to protect the island.

Now let’s go to the preview of One Piece episode 891.

Here we go back to Luffy, Sanji, Nami, and the others who just came from Whole Cake Island.

They headed for Wano but were confused because the road to Wano was more difficult than they thought

Here there is a giant waterfall on which is Wano, they have to climb the waterfall. Of course this is like a classic Japanese story where koi fish are able to fight the flow of waterfalls and jump past it will turn into a dragon (halo Magikarp).

Of course it’s not easy for the Thousand Sunny to be able to climb this waterfall, but they adapt to see giant koi fish that are able to pass it.

With the koi fish pulled, finally Luffy and the others can go up to Wano. Even so their efforts are not too smooth.

Luffy parted ways with the others, now here is Luffy meeting the shop and starting his adventure in Wano.

Now that’s a preview. Soon Wano’s path starts, who is impatient?


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