It’s strange, but it makes sense. But if it is true that Carrot is a traitor, does it mean that their adventure at Whole Cake Island has been part of the plan? How can? Check out the complete theory by below!

One Piece Magazine Volume 6 recently revealed the possibility of a fourth All Star in the Kaido Pirates after Jack, Queen and King. This theory surfaced because of the picture in One Piece Magazine Volume 6 which was not in comics.

Or rather, the image that appears in One Piece Magazine Volume 6 looks like an uncut version because it shows a kind of silhouette of someone who has never been seen before.

From the picture, quite a lot of people speculate that the silhouette is the fourth Kaido Star which Oda hasn’t even introduced.

Uniquely, one of the Twitter users tried to match the image with Carrot and speculated that there was a possibility that Carrot was treacherous!

Artur, as one of the authors on the Library of Ohara website, describes the possibility of Carrot’s betrayal more broadly as if to indicate that Artur also agreed to match the image of the @OniluapL twitter account.

There are some interesting points revealed by Artur and seem to strengthen the possibility of Carrot being a traitor who has been sought by Kin’emon.

Remember, Raizo’s existence in Zou should not be known to anyone except the Mink tribe. This means that it is possible that this traitor came from within the Mink Tribe even though who is not known until now. Artur also said that the traitor was probably from the Mink Tribe.

Not to mention the symbolic image that was spread to Oden’s followers in Wano. The only member of the Mink Tribe who listened to the explanation of Kin’emon’s plan and the meaning of the symbol when Luffy and the others gathered at One Piece 921 was just Carrot!

If it wasn’t an insider who leaked it, it didn’t seem possible that the meaning of the symbol could be heard to the ears of the Orochi Shogun.

Then don’t forget that while in Wano, Carrot is very rarely seen in the nose. As a character who had even been the center of attention in the story of Sanji’s rescue, it was strange that Wano Carrot was almost invisible.

But at this rate, of course there are some of you who are questioning his involvement in Whole Cake Island when saving Sanji. Why is he participating if Carrot is a traitor?

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This is possible because Carrot knows that Luffy and the others intend to take a copy of Red Poneglyph from Big Mom. Maybe he joined in to steal the copy from Brook at the time it was possible, while destroying Big Mom’s fleet there.

If Carrot is truly a traitor, surely there will be many fans who are heartbroken at Oda’s decision. Moreover, his relationship with Chopper is very close.

But take it easy, even though the Carrot is treasonous as speculated in this article does not mean he will be fully on the opposition side. Remember, Nami and Robin initially also betrayed Luffy, but now?

So what do you think? Is Artur’s opinion that this Carrot betrayal is acceptable or do you have other opinions? Try giving your response in the comments column and don’t forget to also check the page of for another interesting One Piece article!


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