Rainyhour.com – BIGO Japan has its own popular and viral environment, such as their TikTok community in the country. Well, not inferior to Nico Nico Douga, they also print cool idols too!

In Ennichisai 2019 which took place in Blok M, South Jakarta, Magenta Rodeo, Ayuayu and also Saaya came to enliven the event as one of the guest stars who joined the gig with other cool artists, you know!

Well, we also had a chance to hear their various conversations through direct interviews with these three idols, which are certainly full of interesting things!

In April 2018, Ayuayu started an official live account in the BIGO Live video app after starting her career from NicoNicoDouga in 2012. Until now AyuAyu is still the number one live account in Japan.

This is also the second time to the Ennichisai event, and the fans in Jakarta have been looking forward to it. It’s funny, the meeting with the BIGO application actually happened accidentally, while he was exploring the Google Play Store!

Saaya is the second guest to come from the BIGO Japan streamer community, and is an active artist as a singer, model and actress. Previously he had also attended Ennichisai with his younger brother, Akiho.

Initially he was a little nervous when this year he became the first to appear on the stage, not to mention because his sister who abstained was present due to technical problems. But the enthusiasm of the fans made him feel grateful to be able to come to the event this year!

The last one is Magenta Rodeo, a Ibaraki-born musician who is one of the artists who is popular in BIGO internationally. In fact, he had time to do live shows on live applications in Singapore! His experience at Ennichisai impressed him with the slogan of this event, you know!

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