Rainyhour.com – In One-Punch Man season 2 episode 10, Garou was beaten by a joint hero of class B and class A.

Hurt, poisoned, and beaten, can Garou defeat them?

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1. One Problem is Enough to Crash Class A and Class B Heroes

From the beginning, there was a big chasm between class A and S heroes, no matter how hard the Death Gatling insisted.

That was proven when they had to fight a hero at the level of Garou.

The first hero to be conquered Garou is the Chain Toad. Then, using Smile Man’s ball, Garou also swept Gun Gun too.

One by one these heroes collapsed later, although Garou should have been poisoned and exhausted.

2. Magane Memory

Megane is a Class B hero.

One-Punch Man Season 2 episode 11 shows a flashback, where Megane feels herself useless.

Then how can he reach the level like now, where he was assisted by class A and class B heroes to bother Garou?

Apparently because of Saitama. Saitama was the one who grew Megane’s confidence up to now.

But still, Megane whose class B hero can’t face Garou when the situation is one on one.

3. Garou parried all the Gatling Death Rifle shots

Death Gatling doesn’t believe that there is a child in Garou’s back hut.

Do not have a choice, Garou also fend off all the bullets from the ultimate Death Gatling shot.

What I regret is that only this scene is not presented as cool as in the manga version.

But the result was the same, Garou managed to win even though his hands were bleeding.

Garou also showed that in the end the one who was obsessed with ranking was Death Gatling, and he then beat the man.

4. Genos VS Garou

Garou who was exhausted finally had to fight S class hero too: Genos.

Garou had made several surprises in this battle, for example using martial arts to protect himself from Genos attacks. Or imitate the Watchdog Man technique to take a Genos arm.

But his efforts to take Genos’s arm only made him trapped.

Amid the battle of Genos versus Garou, the Monster Association tries to save Garou. But that wasn’t enough to deal with Genos, who slaughtered monsters.

In the end, Genos almost won from Garou if only the new fighters didn’t appear suddenly.

5. Bang VS Garou

Bang has been searching for Garou since the beginning of season 2 began.

Finally, the teacher found his student.

Bang is the most troublesome hero Garou, because he has martial arts techniques as well as experience.

Garou’s superiority is only from age.

With Bomb and Genos holding back the monsters, Bang seems to have time to beat up his students.

What will happen next?

That’s the interesting thing about One-Punch Man season 2 episode 11.

What do you think about Genos vs Garou confrontation?

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