At the end of Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 episode 9, there was a surprise.

Eren Kruger asked Grisha Yeager to love someone behind the wall, so that Grisha could damage the pattern of repetitions where history and mistakes were repeated.

Then Eren says: to save Armin and Mikasa, Grisha must do this.

Then Grisha is confused: who are Armin and Mikasa? At that time, Armin and Mikasa did not even exist yet.

When asked, Eren Kruger was confused. Eren doesn’t know whose memory he saw.

Evidence For Titan Memory Not Only For Future Generations?

Even in the manga, why does Eren Kruger know Mikasa’s name and Armin is still a mystery.

But there are strong indications that this means that Titan’s memory is not straight from the past and seen in the future.

Eren Kruger’s memory is clearly Eren Yeager’s memory, which does not yet exist when he talks with Grisha.

But Eren Kruger can also see it.

So Titan’s memory can be very complicated, where in certain situations, the Titan Shifter can see memory from the future.


So far, only the Attack Titan revealed has this ability.

Attack Titan’s special abilities have so far been obtained by Grisha and Eren from other Titans (Warhammer and Founding). So is this infinite memory actually Attack Titan’s special ability?

Hints Are Eren Actually Not Evil?

In the manga, Eren seems to turn into an evil person and even thinks that Mikasa is just his slave, and imprisons Armin and his friend.

But Armin suspects Eren’s actions are only a long-term plot so he can create a Rumbling situation, where the entire Colossal Titan on the Wall can come out and destroy the world’s military attacks at the same time.

This will make the world countries afraid to attack Paradis, so that peace is created.

If we look at the events in this anime, it seems like Armin’s guess is correct.

Everything Eren has done so far is most likely pure so he can protect Mikasa and Armin. The fact about the Ackerman clan could be just Eren’s trick so that Mikasa hates him, even though he wants to save his friend.

Eren Kruger’s words, where he expects Grisha to save Mikasa and Armin, could be Eren’s feelings from a further future. Namely after the timeskip.

That is the situation behind Eren Kruger to know the names Mikasa and Armin.

At present, the situation is still unclear, both in the anime and in the manga.

But this is my theory of disclosure.

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