This time about Urashiki and Jigen’s theories, even though we are more focused on Urashiki anyway.

In Boruto episode 112, we know from Sasuke that the Urashiki has come to Earth before Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

The fruit of this discovery is the theory and opinions of fans that the Urashiki can be a number of things, namely let’s describe it below:

  • Urashiki is the anime version of Jigen (this is very doubtful because the possibility of Jigen in the anime will appear too)
  • Urashiki is a subordinate of Jigen or the like
  • Jigen is a subordinate of the Urashiki and the like

But I am more sure that Urashiki and Jigen actually have different quest.

That means here they are related but indirectly, okay let’s start

Note: Even though Urashiki isn’t / isn’t in manga and Jigen yet / isn’t in the anime, the chances of their meeting will be large, so the theory I discuss here is the “future” theory of this series

Same Otsutsuki But Different

I am more convinced about the theory that Jigen is much older and longer to come to Earth Naruto than Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki.

The theory about Jigen is Kaguya’s partner when it comes to the Earth dimension it is still very believable and you can read it below:

If Jigen is indeed related to Kaguya, then both of them are “unfinished” doing their job of planting the Chakra tree and giving it to the main family of Otsutsuki in their main dimensions.

Still the same as Jigen’s theory is Kaguya’s partner, maybe there is one thing or another that makes him not return to his home dimension after Kaguya ate the fruit from the Chakra tree and used Mugen Tsukuyomi.

The possibility has since Jigen moved alone on Earth by utilizing some Earth people and this also explains why he needed someone else’s body.

Urashiki itself according to my theory is Otsutsuki from the main family that is at least the same age as Ashura Otsutsuki (at least yes, maybe younger) and that also shows that he is actually quite old.

Urashiki could also be younger and indeed have a mission to manage or resolve Kaguya and Jigen’s relics.

In conclusion, I think Urashiki and Jigen have different goals, or maybe Urashiki is also aiming for Jigen considering he is also targeting Toneri.

It is possible that Urashiki is the enemy before the end of the story and Jigen is the highest, if suddenly the new character does not appear suddenly.


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