Rainyhour.com – Season 3 Attack on Titan has ended.

Then there is still a big surprise for you.

There is an announcement for Attack on Titan’s latest season.

But … this season was announced as the last season of Attack on Titan! The image shown as a video thumbnail is also the appearance of the Timeskip Survey Corps from season 3.

This is interesting because Attack on Titan’s final season schedule is determined next year, which is for the Japanese autumn period in 2020.

Is this a sign that the manga will also end soon?

It could be like that.

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Hajime Isayama has shown a sketch of the last panel of Attack on Titan since November 2018, indicating that he already has a picture of what will be like completing the story of Eren and friends.

The flow of the manga also feels like a final, where the motivation of important figures begins to unfold, many figures are involved (including those that have not been highlighted for a long time), and conflicts that occur are like the final battle.

Even if the manga hasn’t finished yet in the final season of Attack on Titan, with a situation like this, I can imagine the final season is divided into two parts, also like season 3. Then the manga ends at the break between parts.

But well, still, it’s sad to know that Attack on Titan’s manga and anime really entered the end.

What do you think about the end of the Attack on Titan story? Is there hope about the last season?

Tell in the comments column!

Source : Anime News Network


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