Episode 11 yesterday ended interestingly.

After fighting the majority of heroes consisting of class A and class B, Garou opposed Genos.

Not only that, then came the S class hero who was most understood by Garou: Bang, joining Bom who must be a hero must also be in S class too.

What will happen when Bang finally fights Garou? Check out the discussion on One-Punch Man season 2 episode 12 below!

1. Beaten Garou

As tough as Garou, it’s difficult if his opponent is Bang (the most able to compensate in the duel). Mana Bomb also participates.

At the beginning of the episode, Garou spent his time being beaten by his ex teacher.

Even so, Garou has not been subdued. This figure has an interesting toughness, where he can continue to rise despite being poisoned, was shot and beaten by eight heroes, and still continues to realize even though his teacher has beaten down.

Really, if it wasn’t Saitama who was non-cornering him, dropping Garou as soon as possible was difficult.

2. Garou got Bullied

Between Garou’s beatings, we were shown the sad childhood of Garou.

The problem of Garou is actually very realistic, and really felt by many children in the real world too.

He was only a loner, who was later bullied by popular students.

Instead of helping him, the teacher also blamed himself.

If Garou has to grow like this, it’s no wonder that Garou’s view of justice is deviating.

Basically, he considers that if the majority of the population likes the heroes, then justice is what is determined by the heroes.

Same as when he was little, the majority preferred Tacchan who actually bullied Garou. So the majority also believes that justice is the oppressive Tacchan Garou.

3. Battle Against Elder Centipede

But Garou didn’t lose this One-Punch Man season 2 episode 12.

He was saved by Phoenix Man.

Then, so that Genos, Bang, and Bomb do not chase, Elder Centipede appears to fight the two S class heroes plus the martial arts expert.

The result?

Elder Centipede is probably one of the strongest monsters in the history of One-Punch Man, no wonder Blast was not able to completely finish this creature.

Wanting to be beaten with a combination of Bang and Bomb or being attacked by Genos from inside, Elder Centipede was always able to recover.

Phoenix Man said, four heroes who can match the Centipede Elder are only Metal Knight, Tatsumaki, Blast, or King. Four figures that did not exist in the battle area.

4. Saitama Coming

King proved that he could potentially be like Mister Satan Dragon Ball in this One-Punch Man season 2 episode 12.

Taking advantage of his reputation, King can request information from the Hero Association about Elder Centipede. He also obtained info about the hatred of Elder Centipede on Blast.

Using that information, he could lure Elder Centipede to come after him.

Of course, Saitama then welcomed Elder Centipede. Just one hit, and Elder Centipede was destroyed from end to end.

Do you want to know what is ridiculous?

There is an indication that Saitama is giving a serious blow to Elder Centipede because he was previously annoyed by King in the game.

So Saitama only made Elder Centipede, a creature who troubles Bang, Bomb, and Genos, as a distributor of stress.

This was the case in One-Punch Man season 2 episode 12.

Supposedly, this is the last episode of OPM season 2.

When is season 3?

For that, we just wait for the announcement. What is clear, this OPM anime follows the manga version drawn by Yusuke Murata.

Currently, the Murata manga version has not finished showing the raid on the Monster Association headquarters. Will the anime studio wait for the channel to finish in the manga first and then season 3? If so, let’s hope the rest does not go too long.

What do you think about the One-Punch Man season 2 episode 12? Tell in the comments column!


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